Combined Decongestive Therapy

Lymphedema is a swelling of a body part, most often an arm or leg, caused by an abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid. It can also occur in the face, neck, chest, breast, abdomen, groin and lung.


Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is a technique designed to accelerate the normal functioning of the lymph vessel system. CDT cleanses the connective tissue of inflammatory materials and toxins, enhances the activity of the immune system, decreases pain and enhances functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system. CDT integrates manual lymph drainage, myofascial release, osteopathetic techniques, cranial work, body-mind connections and energetic techniques.


It thereby facilitates the healing of injuries, chronic conditions, inflammations and edemas. Some examples of conditions which can be successfully treated with CDT are:

Primary and Secondary Lymphedema, Traumatic Injuries, Burns, Sinusitis, Headaches, Whiplash, Ulcers, Sports Injuries, Varicose Veins, Pre and Post Operative, Scars, Rheumatic Diseases, Fibrocystic Breast Disease.



Vestibular & Dizziness Rehabilitation

Dizziness, vertigo and disequilibrium are common symptoms which can result from a dysfunction of the balance organs of the inner ear or a dysfunction of one or more parts of the central nervous system that help process balance and spatial information. These 3 symptoms have very different meanings and describing them accurately can mean the difference between a proper diagnosis and one that is missed.


  • Dizziness is a sensation of lighheadedness, faintness or unsteadiness

  • Vertigo has a rotational or spinning component and feels like things are moving

  • Disequilibrium means unsteadiness or imbalance




Physiotherapy For Health is an outpatient clinic specializing in all areas of orthopaedic care. We are registered and certified health professionals who are committed to provide quality treatment.We work as an integral part of the rehabilitation team, providing comprehensive assessments and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, caused as a result of leisure, sports, work or motor vehicle related accidents.We utilize manual techniques, exercise rehabilitation, various treatment modalities, as well as education and instruction to meet the individual needs of each patient.



Musculoskeletal dysfunction does not only occur after injury. Pain and   stiffness may be a result of lack of use or improper body mechanics of   specific areas.

With the trend towards preventative health and maintaining an active   lifestyle,   you may encounter barriers to allow you to achieve this level of   fitness and   independence.

Our therapists at Physiotherapy For Health are knowledgeable in developing   an individualized exercise program so you can accomplish these goals.


Designed by Canadian M.D. Fred Kahn, the BIOFLEX® laser is designed to heal tissue at a cellular  level using infrared light. It is safe to use on patients with joint replacements, pacemakers and  surgical hardware. 


Patient benefits include:


Reduction of concussion symptoms

Elimination of pain

Reduced healing time

Restoration of normal range of motion

Reduction in the need for pharmaceutical and surgical   measures    


Based on years of clinical studies, orthotics have been proven to relieve pain, re-align the body and support foot function, thereby bringing pleasure back to daily activities. FOOTMAXX orthotics are custom made for each individual through the use of our computerized gait analysis. No two feet are alike and neither are our orthotics.