FAQ Questions 


What does a Physiotherapist do?

When you book an appointment to see a physiotherapist, they will complete an extensive assessment which will include your past health history, your present complaints and an evaluation of range of movement and strength.


What does a Physiotherapy treatment consist of ?

Physiotherapy treatment may include various modalities, such as ultrasound, interferential current, muscle stimulation, TENS and laser. Instruction in exercises which promote increased flexibility and strength are included by our qualified therapists. Emphasis is placed on an individualized treatment program to promote return to function and ongoing prevention.


Do I need a Dr's referral? 


No, you do not require a Dr.'s referral to receive our services. Insurance companies, however, sometimes require a Dr.'s referral before they will reimburse costs. If you have extended health benefits that cover physiotherapy, it is best to check with your individual provider.



Is physiotherapy covered by OHIP?

At the present time, funding for physiotherapy treatment is not covered at an out-patient clinic. My doctor gave me a referral to another clinic but I would rather come to you.


Can I choose which clinic I would like to go to?


Yes, even though your Dr. has suggested another clinic you can make your own decision as long as you are seeing a licensed physiotherapist.


How long will my first appointments be?

Your first physiotherapy appointment will take approximately 1 hour and includes an initial assessment followed by an initial treatment.


How long are follow-up appointments?

Follow up treatment sessions vary in duration. The treatment time will depend on the nature of the problem being treated and the treatment plan you and your therapist are working towards.


What do I need to wear?

Please wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for the physiotherapist to evaluate and treat the affected area. Gowns are provided.